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Procurve 5400 series ACL question

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Procurve 5400 series ACL question

Is it possible to create an ACL on the 5400 series switches by ip range or must it be created by network (192.168.1.x/26).

I am looking to implement a network access control solution and would like to create 3 DHCP scopes: Quarantine scope, Restricted scope, and priviledged scope. I would like to keep my routing configurations as is and make 3 scopes in my class B lan. I would like to limit network access by scope within a network rather than create acls by the network itself.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Procurve 5400 series ACL question


One of the great security protocols nowadays is the 802.1x, it does exactly what you are looking for.

Based on authentication, the end user will be placed in its correct Vlan (Subnet) and will get its privileges.

Also in case of Guest user, he will be placed on a guest Vlan with certain privileges.

More complicated scenarios like the one in Wireless networks where one port carries maybe 30 user each one has his own privileges and all connected to one port on the switch.

More about this you can find here:

Good Luck !!!
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