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"Inconsistent Value" response


"Inconsistent Value" response


Just wondering if anyone knows whether the following is a known bug. I am running an oldish version of firmware (K11.33), but I am not expecting to have to deal with this again for some time.

I hot-inserted a PoE 24pt module into a 5406. The module seemed all ok, but I could not make the ports "untagged" on a different vlan to vlan 1.

vlan 148
untagged D1-D24
would result in:
D1-D24: Inconsistent value.

Reloaded switch and I was able to do this same operation just fine. I am loading latest firmware onto the switch now.

Does anyone know if this is a bug that has been addressed?

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Re: "Inconsistent Value" response

Hello there,

we had the same inconsistent value error with 5300xl switches. But the situation was a little bit different, involving the 802.1X authorization.
After issuing command "no aaa port-access auth X" the port shown in "sh vlan port X" somehow remained in two vlans and untagged!
When trying to move it, we got "inconsistent value" error. The stranger part was when trying to remove one of the VLANS. See the attached scenario :)
PS. when i updated the software just few versions higher - i wasn't able to reproduce the problem.
PS2. Rod - whats the situation with new sw ?
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Re: "Inconsistent Value" response

PS. the workaround that inconsistent value problem was to use menu, go to vlan port assigments and just use "Save" button... :)
It helps to avoid unwanted reboot.

Re: "Inconsistent Value" response

New software installed, but this was at a client site, so haven't had the opportunity to test further.
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Re: "Inconsistent Value" response

Just an update:

On a 5304xl that used to have additional modules installed, the config states that vlan 1 is untagged on several ports that are no longer there. Even after upgrading the switch. This results in that I can not do any alterations to the vlans on the switch - all attempts yield in "Inconsistent value" response.

in running config:
vlan 1
untagged A1-A24,B2-B4,D3-D4
no ip address
no untagged B1,C1-C24,D1-D2

(Modules C and D are empty)

h04eidsko1# sho modules

Status and Counters - Module Information

Slot Module Description Serial Number
----- ------------------------------------ --------------
A HP J4820A XL 10/100-TX module SG321KZ3R4
B HP J4878A XL mini-GBIC module SG413AA0NH

h04eidsko1(config)# vlan 1
h04eidsko1(vlan-1)# no untag d3-d4
Invalid input: d3
h04eidsko1(vlan-1)# vlan 2
h04eidsko1(vlan-2)# untag a1-a24
a1-a24: Inconsistent value.
h04eidsko1(vlan-2)# sho vlan 2
2: VLAN not found.


Seems that the only fix for this is to copy a new startup-config from tftp server and reboot.