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Trunking and stacking

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Trunking and stacking

I have the following configuration:


2910al-24-PoE set at stack commander at location A. I have four fiber channels. Channels 21 and 22 are configured for trunk 1 and channels 23 and 24 are configured for trunk 2.

At location B , I have a 2520 as a stack member with channels 21 and 22 set to trunk 1.

At location C, I have a 2520 as a stack member with channels 23 and 24 set to trunk 2.

All switches have LC/LC 50/125 MM fiber and GBICS installed in the dual-personality ports.


Everything is working perfectly. However, we found that we will need to increase the capacity of ports at location A where the 2910 is located. We've purchased another 2520 with GBICs and fiber. My logic is to connect channels 21 and 22 of the 2910 to channels 21 and 22 of the new 2520 with 1m fiber cables and channels 23 and 24 of the new 2520 to channels 21 and 22 of the 2520 at location B.


My question is, what is the configuration for the new 2520? I'm pretty sure I need to set the switch to a stack member with the 2910's MAC address but what about the trunk settings. Will the fiber setup work that way?


I won't be able to test because the switches are in production at a 24/7 health facility. They power data and VoIP so down time must be kept to a minimum.


Thank you.