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Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

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Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

I'm trying to update the software on a 2610-48 (currently running 11.30) using PCM 3.10 (update 3).

The update process always fails, with error "tftp: RCVD error:4, msg: Access violation"

It shouldn't be trying to use TFTP though -
I have disabled TFTP on the switch (no tftp server, no tftp client) and enabled ip transfer (ip ssh, ip ssh filetransfer) in accordance with the security best practice guidelines, and the configuration management options in PCM are set to use SCP not TFTP.

Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong would be very gratefully received!
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Re: Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

Hi Anas

It will not work using SCP. When you enable SCP in the switch (ip ssh filetransfer), the tftp client and server on the switch is disabled.

SCP only has the Server, not client. The software upgrade wizard in PCM, is based on switch command pointed towards the PCM tftp server.

With SCP, the switch cli commands are not available as with tftp.

However, you can use a SCP client to connect to the switch. And browse, transfer etc. You can also set up scripts (not pcm) to run on the SCP client.

The switch SCP server accept standardized SCP commands, except the ones listed below.

When connecting with a SCP client you will see something like:

From the Manual:
SCP/SFTP Operating Notes
â   When an SFTP client connects, the switch provides a file system display­ ing all of its available files and folders. No file or directory creation is permitted by the user. Files may only be uploaded or downloaded, accord­ ing to the permissions mask. All of the necessary files the switch will need are already in place on the switch. You do not need to (nor can you create) new files.
â   The switch supports one SFTP session or one SCP session at a time.

Please see the management and configuration guide for details.


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Re: Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

Hi Tore,

Thank you very much for your reply; I am sorry that I have not replied sooner but I have been too busy to be able to work on this recently.

I assumed at first that you meant that it is impossible to update switch software using PCM unless you are using TFTP (please correct me if I'm wrong!)

If this is the case then it's not great from a security perspective but as our switches are on a private management VLAN it's less of a problem.

I did a factory reset of one of the switches and set PCM to use FTP/TFTP. I then tried updating the software through PCM again, and I'm *still* getting the same error: the switch log shows

download: Download Request Received from

tftp: RCVD error:4, msg: Access violation.

Do you have any idea what might be going wrong here?

Thank you!
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Re: Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

I'm having the same issue.

Did you find any resolution?

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Re: Unable to update 2610 software using PCM and SCP

Dear Bob,

I'm afraid I don't have any conclusive solution to this problem; gave up and updated the software on the affected switch (and a couple of others) using the serial port.

I have now brought other switches into the network and updated their software via SCP from PCM, so whatever the problem was, it's one that I'm unable to reproduce.

I'm very sorry I can't be of more help; I wish you the best in solving your problem, though!