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various port errors

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various port errors

On our ProCurve 2824 switch, everytime I boot my computer the switch reports the following errors on the port that only my computer is attached to:
excessive jabbering
CRC/Alignment errors
excessive late collisions
excessive broadcasts

After my computer finishes boot up and I've logged on to the network, my computer says that I am connected at 1.0 gps and network communication appears to work fine. My computer has an Intel 8254OEM nic that is 1000 mbps/full duplex capable. The port itself and the nic are both set to auto-detect for link speed and duplex. Does this mean that the line running from my computer to the switch is not fully 1000 mbps capable? A while back, I set the switch and my nic to 100 mbps, but maybe I set something wrong and something did not work about it. It's been a while so I don't remember the details of that test. This isn't a major problem since network communications seem to work fine, but I am curious. And, little errors like these usually mean that you'll run into big problems when/if you go to change or add something else. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: various port errors

If you are getting late collisions, then the port isn't running in full duplex mode. So it looks like there is some sort of autonegotiation glitch that occurs when you boot.

What I would do is to record the switch port counters on that interface after boot, then use the system for a while (with a few file copies etc.) Then have a look before you shut down, see if the error counters have increased.