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Dear HP
actually im new in configuration , and right now i have a project and i need to do the basic configuration for the switches .

i want to give you a brief about the network

the network is contains from 36 switch (HP PROCURVE 2610 ) and on core switch (8602zl)all the switches is connected to the core switche via fiber optics

in the core switch i have the following modules
A1-A24 UTP Ports
B1-B24 Fiber ports
C1-C24 Fiber ports

at the edge switches side i have an IP-telephony and DATA outlets connected to the switch . and at the core switch side i have the IP-Telephony media gateway and the router for internet .

i hope everything is clear up to the moment ...
anyways .
it is required from me to do VLAN configuration for the switches i mean we need to do only Managment Vlan and Data Vlan and Voice Vlan .

i already started to creat the VLans but always i have problems for tagging the ports to the VLANS .

for example i need to connect the media gatway to the port A1 on core switch and the core switch is connected via port B1 to port 27 on egde switch . and on the edge switch my ip-phone is connected to port number 1 .

pleas show me an examples showing how to do the tagging of the ports because im weak on this and always im making mistakes .

and i want to ask if i should tagg the managment vlan to any of the ports or not .

im waiting your reply please help me .
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the mediagateway on port A1 needs to be untagged in the voice vlan, the uplink port should be tagged in all vlans.
if the phone is the only device at port 1, i mean, no pc behind the phone, u can untagge the port in the voice vlan.