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two separate trunks between two switches

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two separate trunks between two switches

hi everybody,

is it in general supported to connect two procurve switches with two separate trunks (e.g. first trunk with 2x10 Gbit/s on external 10G-module on the back of the switch, second/fallback with 4x1GB/s with the regular switch ports?). Just to be prepared if the external modul dies that another second trunk with lower priority acts as fallback for the first one? 

trunk A3-A4 trk1 trunk
trunk 21-24 trk2 trunk

spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4
spanning-tree Trk2 priority 12

Local tests seem ok. On first switch both trunks are in forwarding-statem, fallback-trunk in blocking-state on switch2. 




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Re: two separate trunks between two switches

Hi! technically speaking (and with [R|M]STP properly configured on involved switches) it should work as you described...I don't know how much usual this way of interconnecting is but, as far as it works, it's OK.

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