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Unable to console login on 3Com 2928

New Member

Unable to console login on 3Com 2928

The 3Com 2928 comes with username "admin", empty password by default, and I used it to log in using the serial console. After that, I assigned an IP address to the switch and started using the web interface. First thing I did, I changed the password for the user "admin" and set it to a nonempty one. It kind of worked, since I can log in using the web interface and ssh with "admin" and the new password, but now it has become impossible to log in from the serial console, I always get "Login failed".

Any idea?


Re: Unable to console login on 3Com 2928

We also have 2900 series switches with the same behavior.


I noticed that this occurs after changes in the Network menu active services (ftp, telnet, ssh, ...)


As a workaround, I follow this steps:


1 - Make a backup of device configuration (extension. cfg);

2 - In the backup file (startup.cfg), find the section "local-user admin";

3 - Change parameters of service-type, eg "service-type telnet terminal";

4 - Restore this modified backup file into device;

5 - Reboot device.


You may notice that the service type "terminal" (step 3) should be included to re-enable the login to the console port.


Hope that helps.



Mauricio Severich


P.S.: I apologize my broken english.