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adding cpu , memory in a vpar

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adding cpu , memory in a vpar

how to add one more cpu and 4GB of memory in a vapr?

can it do online or offline? please help me...

Re: adding cpu , memory in a vpar

use the vparmodify command...

You can certainly do the CPU add online as long as you have free CPUs.

The memory add, probably not, depends on the OS version, vPars version and how everything was setup... which of course you didn't tell us...

All in chapters 6,7, or 8 of the vPars manual (depending on version):



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Re: adding cpu , memory in a vpar

Dear Hananeel,
Yeas dear during this activity the vPar will be reboat.
have you unassigned processor / memory in this nPar?
if yes do the bellow action
on the prompt of the vPar.

#shutdown -yh now

now by MP: assign the resources by running these command on other vPar which may be on same nPar.
>Add the Processor to the vPar
#vparmodify -p PAR_NAME -a cpu::1
>Add the Memory to the vPar
#vparmodify -p PAR_NAME -a mem::4096

PAR_NAME = your Partition name
now verify the resources are allocated to the desired partition by using the vparstatus / parstatus
boot the partition by runing the command on MP:
MON>vparload PAR_NAME (you may use -all operator to load all partitions)

i think this would 100% help you on your desired query.
have a good day.