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Apache "[error] (233)No buffer space available: accept: (client socket)

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Apache "[error] (233)No buffer space available: accept: (client socket)

Getting this error in apache log
on hpu-ux 11 (apache version Server version: Apache/1.3.14 (Unix))

What buffer space does it mean ? how to check buffer space and finally How to fix it ?
A CA helpdesk application using apache is having problems to the point no users can't access the web client. So app. admin have to recycle the app.and then all is fine ? Trying to rule out this "No buffer space " option. Also, see the message even when app is up and is working fine.
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Re: Apache "[error] (233)No buffer space available: accept: (client socket)

It would appear you are running out of resources. I would monitor performance with glance or a set of data collection scripts. I'm attaching the ones I do. Look for issues in the data corresponding to the log entries in the apache log.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Apache "[error] (233)No buffer space available: accept: (client socket)


Here's an explanation of the problem :
· Client initiates a connection to the server
· Server is busy and so, the connect request goes to the accept queue
· Client times out at around the same time that the Server starts to
· respond to the request
· Server tries to accept the connection, but then the client has already
· sent a CONNRESET signal, the connection buffers (on the server) are
· freed.
· Server sees that there's no connection buffer, it gets back ENOBUFS from
· the TCP stack, and hence complains..
This is a problem in the handling of the ENOBUFS in Apache. The problem
can be mitigated by raising the value of:
But the real solution is to use Apache 2.0. This issue has been resolved (the
fix is to treat ENOBUFS the same as ECONNRESE
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Re: Apache "[error] (233)No buffer space available: accept: (client socket)


Use the itrc to search the knowledge database for document

Apache 1.3 Web Server Performance Tuning on HP-UX 11.x

This should enable you to solve your problems

Steve Steel

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