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auditd logging to syslogd

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auditd logging to syslogd


we use a central logger for syslog and take advantage of the @server_name in the syslogd.conf file. we also use the auditd to track files as defined in /etc/audit.rules which is logged to /var/log/audit/audit.log.

our final need is to get the entries of audit.log to the central server. I would think that I can send audit logging (somehow) to syslog. I have found no way to do so that is "proper". i did find that when I have the audit servcice started and I kill the auditd process, the kernel loggs the audit events to syslog. this does not seem proper.

also, the audisp (audit dispatcher), doesn't seem to have come with the audit RPM (it's not at /sbin/audispd) AND I don't think this is a solution.

please help and suggest or direct how to achieve sending off the audit log entries to syslog (where they go to @server_name) OR another , maybe the correct way to get audit logging to a central server.