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Can not rewind mt command


Can not rewind mt command



I have a MSL4048 LTO5 with HPUX 11.31. The MSL has two drives


tape      5  64000/0xfa00/0x18  estape   CLAIMED     DEVICE       HP      Ultrium 5-SCSI
                      /dev/rtape/tape5_BEST    /dev/rtape/tape5_BESTn
                      /dev/rtape/tape5_BESTb   /dev/rtape/tape5_BESTnb
tape      6  64000/0xfa00/0x1c  estape   CLAIMED     DEVICE       HP      Ultrium 5-SCSI
                      /dev/rtape/tape6_BEST    /dev/rtape/tape6_BESTn
                      /dev/rtape/tape6_BESTb   /dev/rtape/tape6_BESTnb


and one autocharger


autoch    4  64000/0xfa00/0x1d  eschgr   CLAIMED     DEVICE       HP      MSL G3 Series



This device is connected by SAN to SAN switch.


I can do backup and restore with data protector, and I can to load and unload tape with mc command. But I can not to rewind tape. I execute mt command with the tape loaded in drive:


# mt -f /dev/rtape/tape5_BESTnb rew


and I obtain the error:


/dev/rtape/tape5_BESTnb: No such device or address


Why ? If I can to use the device with Data Protector and I dont have any problem, and If I can load and unload tapes in drives, why I can not rewind the medium??


Operating System: HPUX 11.31

PHKL_36312 estape path.

Bundle 0803





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Re: Can not rewind mt command

Maybe you checked this, but I've gotta ask...  of the two drives, you're using the drive which has the tape loaded? 


Do you get the same result when running mt using tape6_BESTnb?


To see which tape drive is loaded, run the mt status command against both of your tape drives.


mt -f /dev/rtape/tape5_BESTnb stat

mt -f /dev/rtape/tape6_BESTnb stat


If no tape is loaded, I'd expect it to return "on tape open: no such device or address".  The one with the tape loaded should return some info.



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Re: Can not rewind mt command

Please post the output of "ls -l /dev/rtape/".


 If the device is not there, try to install the device file using "insf -e".


In DP, media agent maybe in some other server. Otherwise, the path for the drive might be some other name.


If it is not a critical one, remove the tape drive and re-install it by the below mentioned commands.


rmsf -a -H <H/W path>(not virtual one)

ioscan -fnC tape


*-don't remove 2 H/W paths at the same time, you may not know that which drive belongs to which special file.

Arockiasamy K