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Can you edit the dbprofile from Unix


Can you edit the dbprofile from Unix

Hello all,

A little while back we finally ousted our old faithful RISC servers that were handling Ignite backups, the new servers of course have new IP’s.

I have set up dbprofiles for each system so that any SA in the group can type “lanboot select –dn ignite” and start the restore process from its respective Ignite server with little recall of details in the middle of a likely stressful situation.

The problem is that currently the dbprofiles are all pointing to the old systems which means they need to be updated, what I did in the past when I created those dbprofiles was add the task to the next system reboot since the only way I know how to edit/create dbprofiles is from the EFI shell.

This new change got me thinking that maybe there is a way to either edit the existing dbprofile from Unix or create a dbprofile then efi_cp the file into place.

I’ve done a little hunting around the EFI on a test box and wasn’t able to find where the dbprofiles live and I’m not even sure if they are simple text files.


Does anyone know if this can be done?




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Re: Can you edit the dbprofile from Unix

There's no way to edit the dbprofiles from HP-UX that I am aware of.


I believe it must all be done from the EFI shell.

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Re: Can you edit the dbprofile from Unix

There is a command called "vparsdbprofile" included in the vPars product - not sure if this helps you.

Hope this helps!

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