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Cloning OS image with Mirror Copy using DRD

Occasional Advisor

Cloning OS image with Mirror Copy using DRD



I have a one lvm  mirror copy.


I am trying to clone the OS mirrored disk  to other disk.


1.Is it possible that can I clone a disk which are already in mirrored copies.

when I run the preview mode it was successfull.


# drd clone -p -v -x overwrite=true -t /dev/dsk/c3t2d0

=======  06/28/15 14:11:08 EDT  BEGIN Clone System Image Preview (user=root)  (jobid=rx260-05)

       * Reading Current System Information
       * Selecting System Image To Clone
       * Selecting Target Disk
       * The disk "/dev/dsk/c3t2d0" contains data which will be overwritten.
       * Selecting Volume Manager For New System Image
       * Analyzing For System Image Cloning

=======  06/28/15 14:11:16 EDT  END Clone System Image Preview succeeded. (user=root)  (jobid=rx260-05)



so now the question that comes in my mind is , after drd activate -x reboot=true cloned disk will be the primaty disk.


after patching server, I am running again drd activate -x reboot=true,so at this point which disk will be choosen for primary path,since the disk are mirrored.


I am trying now  and at any point will I get struck ?









Frequent Advisor

Re: Cloning OS image with Mirror Copy using DRD


NOTE: Do not use /opt/drd/bin/drd deactivate -x reboot=true to return to the boot configuration. The default behavior of the deactivate command option is to set the current booted image as the default boot image.

If you have already booted the (previously) inactive image, you can use drd activate

to return to the (previously) active image.