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EMS alert configuration for CPU

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EMS alert configuration for CPU

I am trying to set the EMS alert if any CPU failed.

When i tried to set it up via minconfig, i get below error.

# /etc/opt/resmon/lbin/monconfig

 This command is not supported on this server model.

Please use System Management Homepage (see hpsmh(1M)).

So I am trying to set it thorigh SMH.

when I opem smh,


1. m - Event Monitoring Service  ---> selected this option in smh

2. I could see two option as below


q - Requests

r - Resources

I went in to r -Resources and after that I am not sure where should I enter field for CPU and disk alert to be moniotored under the below items

+ /vg
+ /applications
+ /system
+ /StorageAreaNetwork
+ /rdbms
+ /adapters
- /connectivity
+ /connectivity/events
+ /connectivity/status
+ /cluster
+ /storage
+ /net



Occasional Advisor

Re: EMS alert configuration for CPU

I managed to find the option to enable CPU alerts ,  i tried all options as shown below  but getting error.

- /system/events
+ /system/events/dm_memory_asama
+ /system/events/memory_azusa
+ /system/events/cpe
+ /system/events/ups
+ /system/events/memory_ia64
+ /system/events/ipfmemory_hitachi
+ /system/events/cpu
+ /system/events/ipfcorehw_hitachi
+ /system/events/ipmi_fpl
+ /system/events/ia64_corehw_asama
+ /system/events/system_status
+ /system/events/cpu_hitachi
+ /system/events/ia64_corehw
+ /system/events/cpe_hitachi
+ /system/jobQueue15Min
+ /system/kernel_parameters
- /system/status
+ /system/status/memory_azusa
+ /system/status/ups
+ /system/status/system_status

Error message:

Adding request ...
No resource instances of /system/events found.
Error : /system/events/ia64_corehw_asama is not a valid resource instance.
Error : failed to register request.
Command Unsuccessful
press enter Key to continue

server model is ia64 hp Integrity BL860c i2.

so which options I should use to set the CPU failure alerts log in to event.log





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Re: EMS alert configuration for CPU