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Future Of HPUX

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Future Of HPUX

Hi Gurus,


Last 10 years i was  working  on HPUX  and was a fan of HPUX  but  going forward seems to be quite difficulty .Any idea on HPUX new operating system ,as not heard anything after hpux 11.31 and not found anything on the road map also ...


I have recently attended one IBM seminar and mainly they are  keep on telling HPUX road map is not clear ,oracle stopped supprt on integrity  platform etc ..i was checking many forum and not found any  update on HP plans on  oracle support  on integrity ...and it is very true the IBM getting benefit from this (i  know personally few customer started migration to AIX from HPUX due to following reasons ..


1-Oralce support on integrity

2-operating  system and licensing cost

3-IBM Has very well road map than HP

4-IBM DB2 can replace oracle and works well on AIX platform



Anyone have any idea about the future of HPUX (how many years can hang on hpux 11.31 only?? ) and   plan to beat IBM ,so that HP can keep Number one in Server/OS Market ...



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Re: Future of HP-UX

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Re: Future of HP-UX

I remember a roadmap with HP-UX 11i v4 and even v5 mentioned, HP was promising a new version after 3 or 4 years.


Meanwhile the support for 11.31 was extended from 2017 to 2020 and now even to 2022.



This doesn't sound like there will be a 11.41 or 11i v4 or whatever soon.


But why a new version if new features will include in the current version?


Many customers don't want to jump to new versions quickly anyway, some just now upgrade to 11.31 (after almost 5 years); many still run 11.11 or 11.23.



BTW, I saw many advertisments from IBM about DB2 on HP-UX recently, they want to be "better than oracle".

Hope this helps!

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Re: Future of HP-UX



HP-UX 11iv4 is not publicly mentioned because the official date of its release is not decided yet.


It is being worked on, I can assure you.


Once somebody publishes the release date for any product, if things do not turn out as planned,

the market takes it very badly (as we all know from experience).


I would not be scared to continue to use HP-UX in a forseeable future.


The extended support for HP-UX 11iv3 till 2022 does show the intention to

keep on going.


HP-UX 11iv3 came in 2007 and its successor is a bit delayed compared to the previous



11iv3               February 2007

11iv2               September 2003

11iv1               December 2000

11.0                 November 1997


This is not unusual for mainstream commercial O/S. Take SunOS (aka Solaris) non-Express

version for example:


SunOS 5.10   January 2005

SunOS 5.11   November 2011





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