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How to create striped and distributed LV on Linux

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How to create striped and distributed LV on Linux

Hi All,


I know that, In hpux, All LVs are usually are normal LVs or non striped LVs and we can create striped and distriputed LVs on HPUX...



I have some questions on Linux...



1)Are all normal LVs are striped or non striped by default in linux?


2)How to create striped and distriputed LV on Linux?

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Re: How to create striped and distributed LV on Linux




You do  not have those allocation policy in Linux:


man lvm:


--alloc AllocationPolicyThe allocation policy to use: contiguous, cling, normal, anywhere or inherit. When a command needs to allocate physical extents from the volume group, the allocation policy controls how they are chosen. Each volume group and logical volume has an allocation policy. The default for a volume group is normal which applies common-sense rules such as not placing parallel stripes on the same physical volume. The default for a logical volume is inherit which applies the same policy as for the volume group. These policies can be changed using lvchange (8) and vgchange (8) or over-ridden on the command line of any command that performs allocation. The contiguous policy requires that new extents be placed adjacent to existing extents. The cling policy places new extents on the same physical volume as existing extents in the same stripe of the Logical Volume. If there are sufficient free extents to satisfy an allocation request but normal doesn't use them, anywhere will - even if that reduces performance by placing two stripes on the same physical volume.