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HP-UX ipv6 some question

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HP-UX ipv6 some question

1.IPv6 is support or not
I Found HP-UX 11.11 later support IPv6 ,but HP- UX 11.11 need to install software
,how can i decide IPv6 is support by program

2.IPv6 is enabled or not
how can i decide Ipv6 is enable by program

3.IPv6 information collection
I would like to collect ipv6 address,link-local address, temperately address DNS,Gateway by program ,how can i do that

4. I would like to get ipv6 inbound and outbound rate by program,how can i do that

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Re: HP-UX ipv6 some question

Please see HP-UX IPv6 Porting Guide:

and HP-UX IPv6 Transport Administrator's Guide:

1.) According to the IPv6 Porting Guide, if /dev/ip6 exists, then any software required for IPv6 is installed and the applications can use IPv6 APIs. In HP-UX 11.23 and newer, this is always true. (Chapter 14 of the Porting Guide)

2.) An IPv6-aware program may use the IPv6 API with ordinary IPv4 connections too. This way, the program does not need to check whether or not the system actually has any IPv6 addresses configured.

But if you want to do this, your program should get a list of interfaces (e.g. using if_nameindex() function) and then query each interface to see if it has IPv6 address(es) configured. (Chapters 12 and 13 of the Porting Guide)

3.) See the Porting Guide.

4.) By querying the hardware information you might see that the network interface can pass 1 Gbps and is currently connected to a gigabit switch. But if that switch is connected to a router that is configured to give you only 250 Mbps incoming and 50 Mbps outgoing bandwidth, there is no way to query that.

The only sure and always-applicable way to find the workable data rate between two points in a network is to transfer some amount of data as fast as you can, and then see how much time it took.