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HP-UX OS disk errors

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HP-UX OS disk errors

Hi all,

I'am beginner in linux & need your help

I have 2 hard drives that show me errors when boot, the first show

"Command is respawning too rapidly"

The second:

"could not fix file system with fsck" & "Bad Blocks were found on the disk"

My question is if it's possible to take a backup from another drive & restore with it the 2 others drives but i don't know how to do backup & restore for linux, i do it with Acronis in windows but i'm new in unix and have no idea how to do it..


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Re: HP-UX OS disk errors

HP-UX or Linux?

This is not the same ...


First google

"when good disks go bad: Dealing with Disk Failures under LVM"

for the basics.

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP-UX OS disk errors

Sorry, it's HP-UX
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Re: HP-UX OS disk errors

>> "could not fix file system with fsck" & "Bad Blocks were found on the disk

The disk is bad and must be replaced. Occasionally a disk error will go away when the data is rewritten but unless you have lots of time to experiment, get the disk replaced. If the disk is your boot disk, you'll need to restore from your Install DVD or from a recent Ignite backup. If you have an identical system, you could create an Ignite tape and restore that image to the problem system. It would help a lot if you post the model of the two machines and the version of HP-UX (hint: uname -a, and model commands)

Bill Hassell, sysadmin