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HPUX in the ORACLE Tablespace size limit

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HPUX in the ORACLE Tablespace size limit


    My OS Release:   HP-UX B.11.31 , I have confirmed ORACLE 10g ( of the documents in the file tablespace there are restrictions on the number of files,In the file of the "Operating system dependent", refers to what? I how to query, thanks




Re: HPUX in the ORACLE Tablespace size limit

I would say for a defintiive answer you would need to ask Oracle.

If I was going to guess, it's probably something to do with the maximum number of files any given single process can have open on a certain OS. 1024 is a typical limit on some OS and I would imagine an Oracle process keeps 2 of stdin/stdout/stderr open so that leaves 1022. 

Of course on HP-UX I think it is usually higher - look at the kernel parameters maxfiles/maxfiles_lim. But going above 1022 may hit some other Oracle limits that were set at DB creation, so don't assume you can go higher than 1022 anyway!

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