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iLO with Redhat Cluster?

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iLO with Redhat Cluster?

I'm new on the iLO with Redhat Cluster
Is it any experience sharing on Redhat Cluster with iLO as fencing device?
What function can it perform?
How to config?
Any other consideration?

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Re: iLO with Redhat Cluster?


Yes, it is our primary fencing device.

I don't consider it stable unless you have a minimum patch level of Red Hat 4 Update 4 with the .10 kernel and RHCS interim patches.

What iLo does is permit cluster manager to reset a node to prevent data corruption.

It is a very good device when RHCS is up to the revision I note above.

Steven E Protter
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Re: iLO with Redhat Cluster?


You can use "fence_ilo" fencing agent. Example configuration (/etc/cluser/cluser.conf):


"power" is an iLO user name allowed to reboot/turn on/turn off the servers

WBR, Ivan Kuznetsov
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Re: iLO with Redhat Cluster?

We use ILO as fence device, but probably you should add a second level fence device, for example, brocade fencing if you use sanswitches.

As far, for us is working correctly.

>> What function can it perform?

ILO itself can do several funcionts, you can power on, power off, reset, check server logs, etc. You can also use the "virtual serial console" so you don't need a monitor. Configure the kernel to boot using serial console.

ILO will power off the server in case of a communication problem between the clusters.

>>> How to config?

Press F8 when prompted to configure ILO, set the IP address, username and password.

Then use system-config-cluster or Conga to configure the fence device and provide the parameters required.

>>> Any other consideration?

As the /etc/cluster/cluster.conf stores the ILO password in plain text (unless you use a password script), ensure that the cluster.conf is owned by root:root and permissions 640.

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Re: iLO with Redhat Cluster?

Hi, guys!

I've got two questions. First one regarding Steven's notice. Where do you know about non stable work iLo (or maybe even RHCS) in previous version of RHEL from? I mean RHEL4 Update 3.

And secondly, Theare two nodes. In which way I need to connect existing iLO cards? Either simply with network hub/switch as usual NIC or may be by crossover cable between each other?