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LDAP-UX , Create proxy user

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LDAP-UX , Create proxy user

Below is grep from the HP formal document about ldap-ux

What does "add to the domain using above steps" means?

It would be greate if you can show me a picture.

If you configure LDAP-UX with ADS multiple domains, you configure a proxy user as described above in one of any domains, then configure the same proxy user in every domain which you want to include in your remote domain support with LDAP-UX. For example, first configure a proxy user proxyusr for the domain Next, include the domain in the support, and add to the domain using above steps. Repeat these steps for every domain you want to include. If you have multiple LDAP-UX clients, you can also configure one proxy user for each client as long as the proxy user has the access right to all domains that the client wants to access.
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Re: LDAP-UX , Create proxy user

And how can I let the ldap-ux client to use both proxy user in &

as command shows, only 1 proxy user used.
./ldap_proxy_config -p

PROXY DN: CN=Proxy User, CN=Users, DC=ldap, DC=hp, DC=com