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lvextend errors

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lvextend errors

I am trying to do an lv extend for 100G , currently i have 700 G available. I have increased my other 7 LV's in this volume group. Everything else worked fine..but when i did 08 i get


lvextend: Not enough free physical extents available.
Logical volume "/dev/shdvg/shd08" could not be extended.
Failure possibly caused by PVG-Strict or Distributed allocation policies.
Command Unsuccessful
press enter Key to continue

can anyone tell me how to fix this?? its hpux 11vi3



Honored Contributor

Re: lvextend errors

> Failure possibly caused by PVG-Strict or Distributed allocation policies.


This means that the free space in the VG is not in the correct arrangement for extending the current VG layout.


For example, if the PVG-strict policy is in effect and the free space is all in one PVG, a mirrored LV cannot be extended because the PVG-strict policy requires that mirror halves be placed in different PVGs. If a Distributed allocation policy is in effect, you must have more than one PV free... probably as many new PVs as was used when creating the original Distributed layout.


If the cause is the PVG-strict policy, fixing it might be as simple as adding the new PVs to the /etc/lvmpvg file with the correct PVG names.


Can you post the output of "vgdisplay -v shdvg" and "cat /etc/lvmpvg" at least?


"lvdisplay -v /dev/shdvg/shd08" will probably produce a long output, but it might also be necessary to understand your current VG layout.

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Re: lvextend errors

I have found the problem one of the other Admins created a LV with the wrong settings and now I am short of space, I will have to remove it and fix the problems.
Thanks everyone for your help