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maxfiles_lim cannot be increased

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maxfiles_lim cannot be increased

Iam trying to increase value for maxfiles_lim from 4096 to 63488 through smh but I get below error


ERROR:   The proposed values for nfile (18848) and maxfiles_lim
         (63488)do not meet the constraint of (nfile >= (2 *


I dont see any nfile parameter in HP UX 11i V3 as it is obsolete in V3 version.I could see this value for nfile is picked from /stand/system see below out put.


* Tunables entries
tunable maxfiles        2048
tunable ninode  34816
tunable lcpu_attr       0
tunable shmseg  512
tunable semume  100
tunable maxssiz_64bit   1073741824
tunable maxfiles_lim    4096
tunable vx_ninode       8*nproc
tunable swchunk 16384
tunable shmmax  1073741824
tunable semmni  2*nproc
tunable msgtql  nproc
tunable msgmni  nproc
tunable maxtsiz 0x40000000
tunable maxssiz 134217728
tunable maxdsiz 1073741824
tunable nflocks 2*nproc
tunable nfile   4*nproc+2048
tunable max_thread_proc 1100
tunable maxuprc 3686
tunable semmns  4*nproc
tunable semmnu  nproc-4
tunable shmmni  4096
tunable vps_ceiling     256
tunable ncsize  35840
tunable maxdsiz_64bit   2147483648
tunable msgmbs  8
tunable ksi_alloc_max   8*nproc


When I checked same in another server with same OS version and patch level I dont see any formula in /stand/system and I could increase the value of maxfiles_lim to 63588.


* Tunables entries
tunable semmns  8192
tunable ninode  34816
tunable ncsize  35840
tunable msgmni  4096
tunable maxssiz_64bit   1073741824
tunable max_thread_proc 1200
tunable lcpu_attr       0
tunable maxssiz 134217728
tunable maxuprc 3686
tunable msgtql  4096
tunable maxfiles_lim    63488
tunable semmni  4096
tunable semmnu  4092


Any help on this highly appreciated.

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Re: maxfiles_lim cannot be increased

>I am trying to increase value for maxfiles_lim from 4096 to 63488 through SMH but I get below error


Why not use kctune(1m) directly?


>I could see this value for nfile is picked from /stand/system


It appears that someone may have added nfile to make some existing app happy?

You could either delete nfile or change it to not have have that dependency on maxfiles_lim:

   kctune -C "Change obsolete nfile to depend on maxfiles_lim" nfile="maxfiles_lim*2"


Note sure why an obsolete kernel parm still has validation checks.  Unless part of SMH and not kctune.

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Re: maxfiles_lim cannot be increased

Hi Denni


Thanks a lot for reply.My issue got resolved .I changed the value of nfile using kctune and then modified value of maxfiles using smh.


 kctune nfile+=108128
     ==> Update the automatic 'backup' configuration first? y
       * The automatic 'backup' configuration has been updated.
       * Future operations will update the backup without prompting.
WARNING: The tunable nfile has been deprecated and should not be tuned
         to a non-default value.  See nfile(5) for details on this
       * The requested changes have been applied to the currently
         running configuration.
Tunable             Value  Expression    Changes
nfile    (before)   18848  4*nproc+2048  Immed
         (now)     126976  126976

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Re: maxfiles_lim cannot be increased

>and then modified value of maxfiles using smh.


You could use kctune for both, it's so easy, no kernel regen.  :-)