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Multipulse or Device Mapper Multipath?

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Multipulse or Device Mapper Multipath?

Hi all,

Following is my configuration.

Hardware - BL460c Servers, Emulex LPe1105 (HP) HBAs, IBM System Storage DS8100

OS - RHEL 5 Update 2 x86_64, Oracle Enterprise Linux Update 2 x86_64

This is a new installation and we've successfully presented the san volumes from the DS8100 to Linux (RHEL and Oracle Linux).

For multipath I have two options in my mind.

1. Emulex Multipulse.
2. Device Mapper Multipath.

I've already configured both on two blades and everything works fine but it seems Multipulse is preferable because it abstracts all the redundant path devices.

Searching on IBM DS8100 site for Multipulse I was unable to find any recommendations nor oppositions for Multipulse.

Ths support site for DS8100 provides a multipath.conf file to configure Device Mapper for RHEL 5.

Are there any good reasons to stick with device mapper rather than using multipulse?

Your opinions are much appreciated.

Best regards,



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