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Need help adding raid groups (sasmgr)

New Member

Need help adding raid groups (sasmgr)

HI All,


Would like to request for some assistance on the error I'm getting.


The machine already got an existing raid 1 group. We basically added 2 bnew disk.

What I'm trying to do, is create a new raid group (raid 1) with the new disks.


However, running sasmgr with the add command throws off device busy error. Do I need to create a new raid device?

Do I need to shutdown the system? Would appreciate any clues or help extended. Thanks!







# sasmgr get_info -D /dev/sasd0 -q raid

Wed Mar 12 17:28:45 2014

---------- PHYSICAL DRIVES ----------
LUN dsf SAS Address Enclosure Bay Size(MB)

/dev/rdsk/c3t1d0 0x5000cca043bc738d 1 6 286102
/dev/rdsk/c3t2d0 0x5000cca043bc72e5 1 5 286102

---------- LOGICAL DRIVE 1 ----------

Raid Level : RAID 1
Volume sas address : 0xcacfd1c6c4cba30
Device Special File : /dev/rdsk/c3t0d0
Raid State : OPTIMAL
Raid Status Flag : ENABLED
Raid Size : 139898
Rebuild Rate : 0.00 %
Rebuild Progress : 100.00 %

Participating Physical Drive(s) :

SAS Address Enc Bay Size(MB) Type State

0x5000c50008ce8359 1 8 140014 SECONDARY ONLINE
0x5000c50006dd21f1 1 7 140014 PRIMARY ONLINE


# sasmgr add -D /dev/sasd0 -q raid -q level=1 -q enc_bay=1:5,1:6

WARNING: If the disks are of different size,
then the remaining disk space of the larger disk
will be wasted and the volume cannot be expanded.

WARNING: Make sure that the disks are not being
used for BOOT, SWAP, DUMP, LVM, VxVM or any other

This operation will overwrite the data on the disks.

Do you want to continue ?(y/n) [n]...
ERROR: Unable to add a RAID volume: Device busy

WARNING: This operation may take a few seconds.




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