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NFS between two diffrent n/w

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NFS between two diffrent n/w


Can anyone point out the possibility of crossing the firewall(pix and asa) in accessing an nfs file one of my server is in militarized zone and the other in demilitarized zone and both are in different network,unfortunately i need a file system which should be common for both.....

is there any solution for this please help me....
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Re: NFS between two diffrent n/w

Hi Jestin,

Solution :-

>>one of my server is in militarized zone<<

Secured Zone -> assume you server must be behind the firewall , I mean (militarized zone)

>>ther in demilitarized zone <<

unsecured Zone

I hope it would "network security" violation

But you check with your network team, can they allow "demilitarized zone" network with militarized zone ..????

allowing to pass <>

if they can allow the traffic, You can setup nfs file system, for this they need open /allow firewall rules/port from the <>

Hope this helps,

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Re: NFS between two diffrent n/w

Since NFS is an RPC protocol and uses UDP as well as TCP, the range of ports that need to be opened can be uncomfortable for firewall admins, unless you can force the NFS server to stick to certain ports.

The good news is that modern NetApps do this by default:

4045 tcp/udp - lock
4046 tcp/udp - mount
4047 tcp/udp - stat
4049 udp - quota
2049 tcp/udp - nfs

And the rpcbind daemon is always on port 111 tcp/udp.

Re: NFS between two diffrent n/w

HP-UX 11i v2 and v3 systems allow you to specify fixed port numbers for all RPC daemons. Portmap uses 111 and nfsd uses 2049.

On 11i v3 rpc.lockd always uses 4045 and you can specify which ports are used by rpc.statd and rpc.mountd by setting the STATD_PORT and MOUNTD_PORT in the /etc/default/nfs file.

On 11i v2, with current NFS patches installed (PHNE_38905 and PHNE_38252), you can specify STATD_PORT, LOCKD_PORT and MOUNTD_PORT in the /etc/rc.config.d/nfsconf file. With these parameters set it's very easy to configure an NFS server behind a firewall as you only need to open the ports used by these daemons.

Alternately, on 11i v3 you can use NFS v4 which sends all requests to port 2049.