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Query on NFS

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Query on NFS


NFS file system has configured in our environemnt in /etc/ This nfs file systems are configured in cluster package(

My doubt is why don't we configure nfs file system in /etc/fstab instead of /etc/ when we use it for cluster package.

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Re: Query on NFS

If it is in, you are likely using the automounter.
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Re: Query on NFS configuration enables to automatically mount the NFS file system as and when needed (While accessing a file in NFS) and unmount it when there is no access to the NFS files.

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Re: Query on NFS


Your server using Automounter to mount these filesystem.Automounter is an additional service to an NFS client. An NFS client usually mounts file systems from the NFS server at boot time and keeps these file systems mounted while the system is up. The file systems are unmounted at system shutdown time. The Automounter, on the other hand, mounts remote file systems only when needed. If a mounted file system is not accessed for a specified period of time, it is automatically unmounted. Automounter is a client-side service and is installed with the NFS client. All file systems and directories should be exported by NFS in the normal way as used with the NFS client