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snmp start failed.

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snmp start failed.

Hi ,


When I try to start snmp services,I am getting the below error.



/usr/lib/ Can't find path for shared library: libnsl_s.2
/usr/lib/ No such file or directory
StartMasterThenSubs[136]: 24136 Abort(coredump)

/usr/sbin/snmpdm failed with:  134




I tried to start in the below way also,


/sbin/init.d/SnmpMaster  start


but after executing , snmp process are not started.


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Re: snmp start failed.

On my PA-RISC HP-UX 11.23 system, "ldd /usr/sbin/snmpdm" says that snmpdm needs the library /usr/lib/libnsl_s.2.

Your error message indicates that library does not exist on your system.


I think that library is a part of core HP-UX installation, so it should always exist. Has your /usr filesystem been damaged in some way?