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snmpd.conf - community name


snmpd.conf - community name

All, i need some help with following problem

on our rx4640 itanium machines, i have the serial console and also installed a vga console with host name and ip address in hosts for the vga console.
when the security team runs a 'nessus scan' i get hit with a 'high' violation on the snmp, community name public.
I solved the violation on the server by changing the 'get-community-name' from public to another name.
this solved the 'high' hit for the server itself but i continue to get hit on the vga console. I'm stuck as to the fix for this. any ideas?

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Re: snmpd.conf - community name

VGA console is just a regular PC display, keyboard and mouse plugged into VGA and USB ports on the system: it includes no network functionality at all, unless you add some other hardware (KVM extenders or similar).

Perhaps you're talking about iLO/MP? In Itanium models, it enables network access to both VGA and serial consoles.

If so, check your iLO firmware version: versions E.03.30 allow you to disable SNMP on the iLO network interface, or to change the iLO SNMP community name to a custom value.