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Squid and MS AD problems

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Squid and MS AD problems

We are running Squid 2.5 on two RHEL AS 4 update 4 machines. We have a load balancer in front of these two machines and we are experiencing a problem with both.

Users are able to authenticate through the proxy servers using MS AD and that was working fine. However, we've noticed now that Squid is crashing intermittently and restarting itself. It seems like before that happens, there are many queued NTLM requests. The queue hits a certain point and Squid restarts.

Has anyone ever seen this behavior before? I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of client requests the AD server can handle per second(and unfortunately I don't know a ton about AD...or Squid for that matter). Or if there are issues with the number of users we have authenticating through the 2 servers and Squid just can't handle it.

I apologize if this isn't explained very well. I'm trying to get more information about the problem. I don't administer this system but its all hands on deck right now for anyone who might be able to help. So of course I turn to ITRC first. Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice.
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Re: Squid and MS AD problems


I reccommend getting the latest patches for the kernel and squid from RHN.

Then run system-config-authentication and re-integrate the system with your ADS server.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Squid and MS AD problems

Yeah I actually ended up finding this site:

This talks about a bug that was fixed in Squid 2.6 STABLE2. The symptoms of that problem are identical to what we are seeing. So patching Squid hopefully does the trick.

Thanks Steven