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SSL certificate issues


SSL certificate issues

Hi there!


I have a developer who is writing a java-based script on our HP-UX 11.23 system that invokes a call to a (windows) server running a webservice that's secured with an SSL certificate


his script calls the following URL :   https://<server>/CardEncryption/WS/CreditCardEncryptionSvc.asmx


this site is secured with an SSL cert that we generated internally using our own (Windows-based) CA.


I have imported the root certificate, as well as the certificate for the server itself, into the keystores on the HP-UX box.  But still, we keep getting the following error: No trusted certificate found



I'm stuck at this point, because now that the client server has the root and server certs installed, there shouldn't be this mismatch going on.  Is there something, some daemon or service, that needs to be restarted in order for the HP-UX system to "re-read" the cacerts file or something?




Trusted Contributor

Re: SSL certificate issues

I don't think anything other than your application needs to be restarted.


You've verified you can see your CA's certificate with


keytool -list -v -keystore /opt/java1.4/jre/lib/security/cacerts

 where 1.4 is the version of Java you are using?



Kris Knigga