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i put my doubts below friends

1. all mails from mail sent to /var/logl/allmail

2. Mail messages must not be written anywhere else. Disable immediate file
syncing after writing messages
3. config the syskigd to write a kernel messages to /var/log/kernel.
Kernel message with the priority equal to or higher than warning have also
to be written to console 10.
e. config syslogd to write all other messages than mail and kernel
messages to /var/log/allmessages.

** In case you want to generate kernelmessage manually, do not use "logger"
try modeprobe 3c509

a. Files have to be rotated and compress on daily basis, regardless of
their size.
b. Up to five rotated files have to be kept.
c. The access permissions have to be the same for all files: rw-r----, the
owner and the group have to be "root"
d. Use the special configureatin file provided for roatating logfiles of
the syslog daemon (/etc/logrotate.d/syslog)

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Re: syslog-ng

Is there a question in here? For the first list You should be able to do most of that because syslog-ng parses the input. It shouldn't be that difficult. For the second part, that will actually be handled by logrotate. All those requirements can easily be handled.
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