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System Performance

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System Performance

I am using dual node environment in oracle 9i with RHEL 4.8 on two DL 580G5 servers with 32 GB RAM and Hex core dual CPU.1st P400 using 72GBx2 (1+0) for OS and with 2nd P400 controller using 146GBx4 (1+0) third P400 using 146GBx4 (1+0) set of arrays.Problem is that machine is consuming all 32GB RAM and now using swap area, due to this performance of that machine is too poor. Firmware is latest which is updated through 8.5 version CD. One thing I didn't installed any PSP for Linux.Is it necessary or I can avoid this.
Kindly help in this regard.
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Re: System Performance


if you are running oracle its normal that the memmory is used to 100%, in our company we are uzing HP-UX + oracle servers, and some servers was permanently overloaded, and used 100% of memory and also swap, this was the reason ( the same as in your case ) that the performance gone down, after reconefiguration of Oracle parameters from Application team, the performance is very in good state.

So maybe some DBA should check the memory parameters in control file.

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Re: System Performance


How about some free output here.

If buffers have been zeroed out you may actually be out of memory.

Ways to go:
1) Buy more memory.
2) Set Oracle SGA to more realistic levels
3) Check for I/O hot spots and make sure redo, index and data are located on raid 1.

PSP is not necessary for normal Oracle operation. You might find more up to date firmware on that CD.
The leak detector, might be able to tell you which process is eating a lot of memory.

Oracle 9i might need a patch. Memory leaks are so common in Oracle they are considered a standard feature. Sort of like a bad clutch in a stick shift car.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: System Performance

Thanks steve, I am using latest firmware, each node have 32GB of RAM, redo logs,Archival and data files on Raid 1+0 as I mentioned earlier. I think i should check SGA and should use that utility which you mentioned.Also we are checking proper patch from oracle for leakage.
Thanks and I will update later.