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Building the 5G network of the future - HPE at Mobile World Congress 2019

With the rollout to 5G, telecommunications companies are quickly realizing they need to make some significant changes to their infrastructure. Ubiquitous connections, low latency, and high bandwidth consumption are the hallmarks of 5G networking – and they’re requiring communication service providers everywhere to focus on the edge.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC), Hewlett Packard Enterprise will showcase how HPE Edgeline can help you effectively run network and appliance components at the edge – while empowering you to deliver incredible customer experiences. Visit the HPE booth #3E11 to see HPE Edgeline in action.


5G and Edge Computing Redefine Customer Experiences with Video Analytics

Designed to showcase the possibilities of 5G, this demo explains how you can effectively perform network functions like multi-access edge computing (MEC), virtual RAN (vRAN), and evolved packet core (ePC), while executing data-intensive applications such as video analytics and streaming at the edge.

Using an example that Telcos can relate to, as they likely have retail customers and/or their own retail stores, the demo walks through a connected retail experience. See how inventory management and loss prevention can become more effective at the store level. Evaluate store traffic and perform heat mapping. Provide customers with a tailored shopping experience and virtual dressing rooms. Benefits are twofold: more efficient operation and improved customer satisfaction.


Automate Edge IT Management

To realize the power of 5G, edge computing deployments will be critical. This shift from focusing on a handful of data centers to managing potentially hundreds of thousands of edges (cell towers, buildings, etc.) could create a management nightmare. In this demo, HPE and partner OasisWorks will showcase a zero-touch edge IT infrastructure management system that automates deployment and assurance of hardware and software at the edge.  

The demo simulates how you can effectively manage the core and multiple edges. Learn how you can manage all hardware, drill down to each location and the equipment on site, apply patches, and more.


Empowering the 5G transformation

Whether you want to see what the possibilities of 5G hold from a business angle or you need to know how to make 5G manageable from an operations standpoint, HPE is your ideal partner. HPE created the edge compute category, and with solutions like HPE Edgeline, Telcos and enterprises have the support they need to ramp up 5G rollouts.


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