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How IoT, AI and Robotics Will Reshape Manufacturing: A Must-See Session at HPE Discover 2018

RobotHand_V2_CMYK_HR (1).jpgThe impact of the Internet of Things on manufacturing is already far-reaching, but the combination of IoT technologies with AI and robotics will take us to places we’re only just starting to imagine. Beena Ammanath, HPE’s VP for Big Data, AI, and Innovation, gives a great example in her article Is AI the Magic Bullet for Your Data Glut? “A traditional steel foundry may have to shut down a production line in the event of equipment failures. But by feeding temperature readings, vibration indicators, output measures, historian, and other data sources into a prescriptive analytics application, the foundry can identify which pieces of equipment are more likely to fail. The system can automatically reduce the use of that equipment and schedule maintenance before a fault takes down the whole line.”

Beena will be exploring a broad range of IoT-AI-robotics use cases in a panel session at HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas, coming up June 19–21. She’ll be joined by HPE experts Volkhard Bregulla, VP for Manufacturing and IoT; and Thorsten Milsmann, Director IoT and Digital. We’re also proud to feature Linda Salinas, VP of Operations with Texmark Chemicals, a specialty petrochemical processing company; and Madhav Kalia, VP and Global Head for DC Automation with automation solutions provider ABB, an HPE partner.

Here’s a thumbnail of the session:

From self-healing assembly lines to human-robot collaboration: How AI and IoT enables smart manufacturing (Session ID: PNL4844 – Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 03:00 p.m. – 04:00 p.m.) The future of manufacturing is connected, automated and data-driven. IT and operational technologies are converging, and it’s now possible to link digital design, testing, production and supply chain processes. The panel will focus on how emerging technologies such as AI, IoT and robotics will transform manufacturing when combined with a closed-loop data-driven approach. We’ll discuss specific use cases and the importance of an edge-to-core-to cloud digital infrastructure.

This is just one of dozens of IoT sessions and demos at the event; you can find the complete, searchable Discover content catalog here. For more sessions on Manufacturing, take a look at the Manufacturing show guide.

Keep in touch and learn more!

We’ll be posting more news and sneak previews at this blog in the run-up to HPE Discover 2018 Las Vegas. Find lots more info on Twitter: @HPE_IoT and @HPE_Discover. To find out more about IoT and Edge Computing sessions, see the welcome blog for the event: IoT: What’s now, what’s new, what’s next? Find out at HPE Discover 2018.

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