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HPE and Intel showcase key innovative automation solutions at SDN NFV World Congress 2019

On October 14th, we’re heading to The Hague for SDN NFV World Congress 2019: the largest SDN NFV industry event with a global audience of 1,500 delegates. This event is a terrific forum to assess open networking, network transformation, and business transformation.

 Join HPE as we focus on how our innovative software-defined telco infrastructure, E2E orchestration and Machine-Learning based OSS automation can help CSPs accelerate the deployment and monetization of their SDN/NFV, 5G and cloud-based services. Come learn about new HPE technologies, ask questions, and discuss innovative trends with our executives.

 Visit the HPE Booth to see the following demos:

 Communications & Media Solutions Demonstrations

  • 5G Core: A main promise of 5G is the ability to slice and scale using virtual networks. Key for that is having a Standalone deployment with a 5G core network. Come see our end-to-end 5G core network architecture with multi-vendor network functions and systems.
  • 5G Service Orchestration Featuring HPE Service Director & Edgegap Arbitrium – We are showcasing how Service Providers can monetize 5G with new on-demand services and fully automate their orchestration across multi-domain, multi-vendor 5G infrastructure.
  • AI-based Operations Predict and Resolve New Problems Automatically, 24/7 – Learn how Intelligent Assurance provides AI-based operations to dramatically reduce alarm flows and predict problems that can be automatically handled.
  • Core to Edge Infrastructure Blueprints: Check out interactive 3D views of rack-mounted hardware configurations. Explore our portfolio with Kaon v-Rack.
  • HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge System: Based on 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, check out this HPE platform designed uniquely for telco network edges.

Join the HPE Plenary Session on Wednesday

Plenary Session: 5G Architecture: Islands & Bridges with Richard Band, HPE  

16 October 2019, 10:00 AM

To 5G Standalone, or non-Standalone (NSA)? In this session we will examine some of the key functions of 5G-Core (5GC), and their role for interconnectivity and modularity: 4G-5G co-existence with smooth service continuity experience, 5G Network slicing – planning for different kinds of services, modularity and scalability, Service-based-Architecture (SBA) – a key for breaking out of vendor lock-in islands.

 Join the HPE Track Session

Addressing the Hard DevOps problems: Migration and Testing, with Rolf Eberhardt, HPE

15 October 2019, 15:30

 Attend the HPE & Intel Super Panel

In conjunction with the SDN NFV event, HPE and Intel are proud to announce another great opportunity to meet HPE and Intel experts, featuring thought leaders from industry:

 From NFV to Cloud Native: Future proofing your 5G investment with leading CSPs

The telco transformation journey is moving away from physical dependencies towards virtualized functions. This can be seen as the first step on the journey towards being truly “cloud native” – developing and operating network applications that exploit the unique characteristics of cloud computing. This will enable telcos to become fully cloud-based digital service providers that can build and run scalable, agile applications for their customers at the lowest cost. This is going to be particularly important as the industry rolls out wide scale 5G networks and services. 

  • Domenico Convertino - VP Product Management, Communications and Media Solutions, HPE
  • Renu Navale - Senior Director Edge Services & Industry Enabling, Intel
  • Alexis Salas - Head of Network Cloud and Virtualization, Orange Group
  • Vickie Lonker - VP of product management and development, Verizon
  • Adrian Comley - General Manager Dynamic Network Services, British Telecom 

15 October 2019, Louwman Museum The Hague, 19:30 – 23:00

The VIP Super Panel will take place at the Louwman Museum where you can find a fantastic collection of historic cars, coaches and motorcycles. The best place to meet industry leaders and talk about innovation and technology. Please reach out to your HPE account manager to participate in this showcase event! 

We look forward to seeing you at SDN NFV World Congress 2019 - HPE Booth #B10 | Tuesday Oct. 15 - Thursday Oct. 17

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