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Live streaming day 2 at HPE Discover: intelligent storage, memory-driven computing and security


HPE Discover Day 2_live stream_blog.jpgI spent day two of HPE Discover 2018 the virtual way, catching live-streaming video of spotlight sessions that get to the heart of our Hybrid IT story. Here's what I learned about intelligent storage, in-memory computing and security.

(But before I dive in, remember to stay tuned for replay links to all three of the sessions highlighted here. I’ll add the links as soon as they are available.) Let's get started.

Spotlight session: What’s possible when you embed AI in your storage? The predictive all-flash advantage

Milan Shetti, Global Manager, HPE Storage, took to the stage to deliver on one strong message: HPE delivers the world’s most intelligent storage. To build his case, he talked through the three pillars at play here:

  • Predictive—meaning self-optimizing
  • Cloud Ready—for seamless data mobility
  • Timeless—delivering an experience that gets better with time

Milan then discussed how HPE InfoSight is making storage (including HPE Nimble Storage and HPE 3PAR Storage) autonomous. The stats aMilan Shetti_HPE Discover.jpeground InfoSight are impressive: Self-improving infrastructure with 99.9999% proven availability. Effortless management with 79% lower storage operational expenses. And transformed support with 86% of issues automatically opened and resolved.

Showcasing more of the HPE data storage portfolio, he also talked about how intelligent storage is working seamlessly with the public cloud with HPE Cloud Volumes and HPE Cloud Bank Storage. He highlighted the fact that storage modernization required intelligent data protection, delivered by HPE StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central.

HPE Discover_storage panel.jpegMilan was then joined by three customers: Eskander Mirza, Senior Manager Technology Services, Just Energy Group, Inc.; Joe Ben Slivka, Senior Manager , Infrastructure and Systems Design Team, Motorola Solutions; and Phillip Radley, Chief Data Architect, British Telecom. They joined in an engaging discussion on why they choose HPE and what intelligent storage can do for them.

Spotlight session: The Machine project and memory-driven computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise

Martina Trucco, Strategist, Innovation Marketing for HPE, guided this panel of experts to dig deep on what memory-driven computing is and how HPE is delivering on its vision. Joining Martina: Kirk Bresniker, Fellow and Vice President, Chief Architect, Hewlett Packard Labs; Sharad Singhal, Director, Machine Software and Applications, HPE; Michael Woodacre, Distinguished Technologist, HPE; Randy Meyer, Vice President & General Manager, Mission-critical Servers, HPE; Eng Lim Goh PhD, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, HPC & AI, HPE.

Following discussion on the benefits derived from HPE’s acquisition of SGI (including greater resources and the ability to achieve enterprise-class reliability, the spotlight shone on how HPE Superdome Flex with software-defined scalable memory will be deploying in the new memory-driven computing sandbox. Announced yesterday at Discover by HPE CEO and president, Antonio Neri, this incubation practice features specialized skills for solving big data problems through memory-driven computing, leveraging the expertise of Hewlett Packard Labs and the advisory and professional services of HPE Pointnext. HPE will work with leading-edge customers to explore memory-driven computing applications and deliver proofs-of-concept that will demonstrate dramatic performance gains.

With software-defined scalable memory, Superdome Flex will be able to not only implement additional memory-driven computing attributes but also:

  • Enable fabric-attached memory partitions within a single system
  • Scale to multi-rack systems that support 96TB of shared memory
  • Offer scalable inventory composability
  • Increase resilience and performance

To conclude the session, Matt Minetola, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Travelport, joined the panel to share his thoughts and vision on what memory-driven computing can bring to the company’s technology solutions for the global travel industry.

Spotlight session: Lessons from an FBI security expert: Defeating cybercriminals before they attack

Cybersecurity is a top-of-mind topic for every business, which is I’m sure a good reason why I noticed more than 2.3K viewers joined me online for this spotlight session led by Bob Moore, Director of Server Software and Product Security for HPE.

The session also featured James Morrison, Computer Scientist, Houston Cyber Task Force, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), who provided some real-world insights into trends in cybercrime and the impact being felt by today’s enterprises. Also on stage: Scott Farrand, Vice President Hybrid IT, Platform Firmware & Software, HPE; and Lois Boliek Security and Assurance Strategist, with HPE Pointnext.

The group focused their conversation on four key topics:

  1. The increase of attacks on hardware and firmware
  2. The pervasive, exponential growth of ransomware
  3. GDPR, SEC and other regulatory activities
  4. Managing the human element and pinpointing risks to every organization

Illustrative of the a strategy that emphasizes data protection and security by design, the group discussed HPE’s secure compute cycle that includes:

  1. Silicon to supply chain—for ultimate firmware protection
  2. Ongoing operations—with run-time attack detectives
  3. Employees—with the need to identify potential behavioral risks
  4. Data flow—to secure data within the server
  5. Compliance planning—to accelerate regulatory compliance
  6. End of life—with a solid plan to safely dispose of data and infrastructure

Another key part of the security story presented: HPE Gen10 servers, the world’s most secure industry-standard servers.

More to come on Thursday at HPE Discover!

Remember, you can join in Live from Las Vegas and catch streaming session content on two channels:

  • Channel 1: General session, spotlight/innovation sessions and NewsNow
  • Chanel 2: All Discover Live programming

As they say, tune in tomorrow! (And check out my blog with highlights from the opening Hybrid IT session at HPE Discover on Tuesday.)


Meet Infrastructure Insights blogger Melissa Saegert Elicker, Managing Editor, Hybrid IT. Melissa brings her depth of experience in technology topics and a passion for the well-written word to the Hybrid IT blogging and social media program at HPE. (Sometimes Melissa attends HPE Discover in person and sometimes she attends virtually. She loves blogging about the event either way.)



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