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We want to know how industrial AI will impact your business

Indsutrial_IoT_sm.jpgIf you manage operations or IT in manufacturing, transportation, energy, mining, or other industrial sectors, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about AI, how quickly the technology is evolving, and how it’s going to transform how business gets done.

Indeed, with the exponential growth of data generated by IoT sensors and applications, there are unprecedented opportunities for AI to leverage this data to generate critical insights, drive automation, and increase efficiency. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts AI will boost global GDP by 14 percent by 2030, with increased labor productivity accounting for more than half of these gains.

That’s the promise, anyway. But what does AI really mean for leaders, managers, and engineers out in the field? Have you started to implement AI projects, or is AI on your company’s roadmap? Do you anticipate AI impacting costs, revenue, or staffing levels?

HPE and global conference organizer Industry of Things World have launched an international survey to better understand the state of AI in the industrial sector, defining today’s status quo and anticipating potential outcomes through 2030. We want to know how you think AI will affect core activities at your company, and where the biggest opportunities lie.

Click here to get started: (open until September 20, 2018)

Participants will receive a free copy of the complete survey report and will also have a chance to win a free ticket for Industry of Things World in the US, Europe, or Asia. HPE will present selected results of the survey at Industry of Things World in Berlin in late September.

There is a lot of excitement and apprehension concerning AI and its impact on the industrial world. Many experts and industry leaders say AI is going to profoundly change operations at every company that does business at scale. Now is your chance to share your views of AI, and how much it will affect your company and its competitive profile. Take the survey today!

I am an HPE employee.
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