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ACLs, PVLANs and/or PBRs?


ACLs, PVLANs and/or PBRs?

Hi all, I would really appreciate your brains to help with this network design please. Our edge switches are pretty much all 2920s (J9729A) and I believe they support PBRs, PVLANs and ACLs but not sure which is best to apply in this case and where.

We have our corporate (or trusted) networks and propose to add a public network at each site. Unfortunately, these must share the same physical network hardware but the public VLAN needs to be isolated and not able to access the corporate VLANs.

At the moment I have a PBR configured on Switch A to direct Public traffic to the Public interface on the firewall and it works well, but further downstream there is nothing configured so if I were to put clients on the public network they could route traffic on this side of the firewall anywhere they pleased. Not exactly something I'd be willing to allow. If anyone has ever implemented ACLs or PVLANs, I'd be really interested to know if they'd be worthwhile applying here. Appreciate you sharing your wisdom. Thanks! Michelle


Proposed library network design snippet for HP forum.jpg