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HP 5412 Switches and MPLS

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HP 5412 Switches and MPLS

I am new to dealing with MPLS. My company purchased MPLS with Century Link to help with our VoIP system. So I have six independent sites that will be using this technology. 

Here is what I am thinking and if is possible need some help with.

I will create VLAN 5, for example, to host all of my VoIP phones at each location. VLAN 5 will have DHCP enabled (IP address: - with Default Gateway of 

Now my MPLS IP address is on my production VLAN which is VLAN 3 (IP address let's say.

How do I route my VLAN 5 traffic from my VoIP VLAN to the IP address of the MPLS on VLAN 3? Should I use OSPF? 

What information will I need to give to Century Link so this information can be sent down the MPLS to my HQ switch (IP address and route out to the internet (Ip address default gateway: 

Speaking of the HQ switch how will I route the VoIP traffic once it gets to this location out to the internet?

Any help on this would be great?