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Need Help to Configure E1 3018

Occasional Contributor

Need Help to Configure E1 3018

Hai...i realy need help on this...my compny just bought this router 2unit.

3com router 3018 CE1/PR1 interface.

i need basic config to make sure both router can communicate each others and how to configure E1 (2M) PPP between both router. Both router running static route only.

what is the step by step to configure E1 port and 1 eth port such as routing, arp, snmp, etc.

iam very new to this...please guide me..




Re: Need Help to Configure E1 3018

chenoi, my recomendation is to following this link:

http://www.3com.com/products/en_US/result.jsp?selected=2&sort=effdt&order=desc&sku=3C13751. This is the reference guide for the router 5000 but does have a section on the CE1/PR1 under the section Interface Configuration. Once the CE1/PRI physical aspects are configured, then proceed to the Link layer section to address the PPP protocol. Lastly review the section Network Protocol. The configuration guides have basic examples to follow. mg_driver

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Re: Need Help to Configure E1 3018

Hai mg_driver..thanks for ur reply,

i have the manual config guide..but its to many info and part configuration. just want to know which part that i should look and configure to. as what u mention

1. configure phycisal interface

2. link layer PPP

3. network protocol

i can follow this but i hope i dont miss any part of the router configurationthat need to configure to up the connection.

anyway..u help me thanks a lot. ;)