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1810-24G Web interface and Ping issue

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1810-24G Web interface and Ping issue

I have alot of the above switch, and have issues with only a few of them droping off my network. I am unable to ping them, and unable to get to the web management, but the switch is still functional. Once I unplug power, and plug it back in, it works fine for a while, then I loose it. I have updated all switches to P1.17 and that has cleared up some, but not all. Any thoughts?


Re: 1810-24G Web interface and Ping issue



It sounds like you are hitting a management hang. We fixed that in P.1.16 as far as I remember, so please check that the update completed and you are actually booted into P.1.17 on the boxes that still give issues.


Looking in our system I have not found a currently active case for management hang on the V1810G, but it is possible you are hitting a corner case that is not included in the previous fix.


If that is the case (i.e. you ARE running P.1.17 on all the devices), then I'd like you to log a case with support so this can be root cause analysed and resolved if a software bug is found.


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Michael Olsen

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Re: 1810-24G Web interface and Ping issue

We have the same problem, here the Support File. Mfg. Joerg