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1820 Switch setup IP address


1820 Switch setup IP address

I had considerable trouble changing the IP address on a new 1820.  I set my PC up with a static IP of and logged into the switch.  I changed the switch address to to match our network.  Pressed "Apply" and of course the screen became unresponsive because of the change in the IP.  I unplugged the switch and moved it to it's new location.  Started it up and I could not log into the switch.

After several attempts I figured out why.  Hitting "Apply" changes the IP address immediately, but does not save the configuration.  I needed to change the IP address on my setup PC, and log back in to the switch and Save the configuration before unplugging the switch.

Hope this helps the next person trying to do this.

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Re: 1820 Switch setup IP address

Please note that while I appreciate this hint a lot, this is not the whole story.

Make sure to avoid Google Chrome as a browser because then the "Apply" button is not shown at the bottom.  I used Firefox and then the correct "Apply" button was shown as well as the "Make sure to save this configuration" tooltip.