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2510 VLAN Configuration

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2510 VLAN Configuration



I am very new to networking (at least on switch and vlan configuration.  I have a Cisco 1921 ISR Router, IP is, (serving as the DHCP Server).  Connected to that is an HP 2510 switch with IP of  Switch is functioning fine and handing out IP addresses from the range assigned by DHCP.  (all on the default VLAN).  I need to create another vlan on this switch to hand out addresses to a separate network (vlan 2).  I think I have the vlan configured correctly, but the pc plugged into the port for vlan2 is not gettig any ip address.


Config file attached.


Can someone offer up some advice?



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Re: 2510 VLAN Configuration

Hi, as you said, you want to create separate network so DHCP packets from your vlan 1 cannot cross to vlan 2 if you only define vlan 2 on access ports (PC) on 2510 switch.


If you want to get vlan 2 addresses from another subnet from your Cisco Router and because of 2510 is L2 switch, you have to span vlan 2 to this router by tagging uplink port on 2510 in vlan 2. On Cisco side you have to probably create subinterface with 802.1Q encapsulation (similar to tagging port on 2510) for vlan 2 with ip addresses which will be default gateway for the vlan 2. Then you can route between vlans, create new DHCP pool for vlan 2.


If you want have strictly separate vlan 2 with local connection between clients only, just put some DHCP server to port in vlan 2 on 2510.


Cant see attached config so hope I catch your point. If not let me know.