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Arp Table inconsistent HP1910, HP1920, HP2620

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Arp Table inconsistent HP1910, HP1920, HP2620

I have an internal network connected by 11 HP switches ( HP1910,HP1920 and HP2620) and 2 Alcatel 6450 doing stacking at core of network.

The alcatel have Layer 3 features and it was moved to become the gateway.

The problem start when we moved it, i have a link to my firewall at port 1/23 and few times i lost connectivity between the Alcatel with my firewall, when i saw in ARP table it was pointing to wrong ports, pointing for 2 particular HP ( HP1910 48P PoE+ and HP1920 48P PoE that do cascading with 2 HP2620)

I searched for a lot of information, firewall could be wrong configured, Alcatel wrong configured, but i didn´t found no answer about it.

Now i´m suspecting about the HP switches, they do proxy-arp ? they could share his arp table?

i know it doesn´t clear but i really don´t know what more what could be.

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Re: Arp Table inconsistent HP1910, HP1920, HP2620

I'd start with a Layer1 topology diagram so I would understand what was physically connected to what.

Then I would document the Layer2 network: VLANs, STP priorities and aggregated links.

Then I would document the layer3 network: which IP addresses are where.

Based on this I would make sure there were no loops. Enable loop protect on all access switches and any other Layer2 config that needs fixing up.