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Cant Make Changes on Switch after Firmware Upgrade

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Cant Make Changes on Switch after Firmware Upgrade

Hi everyone.

Ive just updated firmware on my V1910-24G Switch to version 1910-CMW520-R1519P06.

1. The Power LED is now not stable, its just blinking none stop.

2. When I access the Web Console, I can see all the Menus on the left. When I click on any of them, I get the Submenus. But when I try to open any of the Sub Menus, I get logged out and have to log back in. And this is happening with all the Sub Menus. So basically, I cant make any changes now on the Switch now.

I kept logging back in untill it said "Too many user curreently logged in" and wouldnt allow me in. Had to switch it Off and On again. The switch is otherwise working fine, in a sense that traffic is flowing thru it fine.

Please Help. Thank You.


Re: Cant Make Changes on Switch after Firmware Upgrade

Hi Molatudi,

I understand that you have updated 1910 to the latest version and after that the switch was showing a strange behavior.

It the Power LED is still blinking then according to the manual the system is performing a POST.

See Appendix B LEDs:


If you cannot access the submenus on the WEB GUI correctly and if you cannot do any configuration, can you please try to access the switch over console and try to downgrade to the old version.

If the switch is running fine on the old version then please download the new R1519P06 image from the below site and upgrade again.


If you are still experianing the same issue on R1519P06 please contact the HPE support when you open a case for further troubleshooting.

Best regards

I am an HPE Employee

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