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Connection to switch 1920

New Member

Connection to switch 1920


Someone can explain to me how can I connect to HP switch 1920 website ?

I tried but it's orange website

Thanks for your help


Re: Connection to switch 1920

  1. Connect the PC to any port on the switch using a standard Ethernet LAN cable. Verify that there is a link between the switch and PC by checking the LEDs for the network port that are using.

  2. If the switch has access to a DHCP service, it automatically acquires an IP address. Determine the IPaddress of the switch by examining the client IP address table on user's router (See the router documentation for how to get this information), or talk to user's ISP representative to get the IP address of the switch.

    If a DHCP service is not available in user's network, or for some reason the switch does not acquire an IP address from the service, the switch defaults to IP address after 120 seconds of automatically attempting to acquire an IP address.

    NOTE: Alternatively, if the user cannot determine the switch’s IP address, user can force it to use the192.168.1.1 address by first disconnecting the switch from any router or internet connection and then unplugging and reconnecting power to it.
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