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FAN NOISE (HPE 1920-48G - JG927A)

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FAN NOISE (HPE 1920-48G - JG927A)


I know it's probably the case here. But did anyone find a solution how to reduce the noise of the HPE 1920-48G - JG927A switches?

Did not anyone try to disconnect the fan? (If applicable, due to the warranty)

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Re: FAN NOISE (HPE 1920-48G - JG927A)

Hi, AFAIK, only HPE 1920 OfficeConnect Switch Series models non-48 ports and non-PoE/PoE+ are fanless...said so...48 ports model is noisy (I know)...since all models haven't a dedicated Temperature Sensor I think Fan is managed internally - probably (at best) - looking at some related CPU load threshold(s).

I don't know if you can safely disconnect the internal factory installed fan [*]...without incurring, at best, in logged Warnings/Alerts/Errors...at worst, in a non working unit. Never tried, I don't encourage you to do that tweak...48 ports unit and PoE/PoE+ are designed in that way probably because HPE, correctly, thought that they should be installed inside a Rack.

[*] ...or replace with a less noisy fan, see something like doing hacking/tweaking replacing the factory fan with a more silent fan...see here an example on similar 1910 Switch Series <-- clearly...say bye bye to Warranty once you open the unit to do the material tweak.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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