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HP 1810-24G Daylight Saving Not Working

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HP 1810-24G Daylight Saving Not Working



I have a HP 1810-24G J9803A 

Software Version PL.2.04


The current time in Melbourne Australia is 9:17 PM and the switch is showing 08:17 PM. The switch had been rebooted.


There's a forum post here showing I'm not the only one with the problem 



Details on the config are below.


Any ideas on why its not working ??







Enable SNTP: (ticked)
SNTP/NTP Server:
Server Port: 123


Daylight Saving Time Configuration
Daylight Saving Time: Recurring

Start Time settings
Week: 1
Day: Sun
Month: Oct
Hours: 2
Minutes: 0

End Time settings
Week: 1
Day: Sun
Month: Apr
Hours: 3
Minutes: 0

Offset settings
Offset: 60 (1 – 1440) minutes

Time Zone

GMT + 10




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Re: HP 1810-24G Daylight Saving Not Working

It appears your switch doesn't have the Linux feature where you just enter your continent/city and it automatically handles DST, Australia/Canberra.


There can be up to 24 * 3 timezones, not counting special cities and countries like India and Venezuela where the zone is offset by a half hour.  You would think the switch would know how to handle the southern hemisphere.


Has your NTP set the UTC time correctly?  If you set your timezone to UTC (GMT), does that have the correct time?

Right now it's about 13:50 UTC.